Monday, December 14, 2009

Lantau Island

Lantau Island 大屿山
The largest island in Hong Kong.
Lantau Peak (934m) is the highest point on the island, second highest point in Hong Kong.

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car

Ngong Ping 360 ticketing office.

The cable car journey is 5.7km.
Travel time is approx. 25 minutes one way.

The weather was cooling, overcast with clouds and was very hazy on that day.
But the view was still spectacular all round.

The large Buddha statue came into view after about 10 minutes of the cable ride.

Ngong Ping Village
Many shops in the village and I especially love one of the shop that sells biscuits and cakes...

Tian Tan Buddha (天坛大佛)

Construction begun in 1990.
This bronze statue Buddha was completed in 1993.
Weighing 250 metric ton and standing at 34 metres tall.
Statue was formed up using 202 pieces of bronze.

There are 268 steps one needed to climb up to reach the Buddha.
Try to walk around the platform area where the Buddha is sitting in the middle, the view around the entire place is beautiful.

Po Lin Monastery 寶蓮禪寺

This Buddhist Monastery was bulit in 1906 by three monks and was original named "The Big Hut" (Da Mao Peng).
Later it was then renamed to "Po Lin Monastery" in 1924.

Due to time constrained, I didn't visit the temple.
But I hope that if I could return to Hong Kong I would like to visit this place.

Typical shops near the Ngong Ping Village.
Very colourful and full of souvenirs.

Time to head back to the Cable Station.

View of Hong Kong airport.

I've come to the end of my Lantau Island trip and hope that you've enjoyed my post!
Thank you and have a Merry Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Repulse Bay and Aberdeen Fishing Village

The free & easy tour I've booked comes with a complimentary Hong Kong city tour.
Overall, it was a good experience except that I vomitted all the way in the tour bus on the way to Repulse Bay. LOL!
Ok, back to the city tour.
We were brought to a resturant for "Tim Sum" at an additional cost which would also include the lunch as well.
Afterwhich, it was the Repulse Bay.
Then followed by a Herbal shop and Jellewery Shop...
Which was really a waste of time but it's always a part of the package.
That's how the agency can earn some commission.
Even onboard the journey, the tour guide would start to bring out some stuffs like Disney keychains, watches, pendants...etc. for sale.
My little advice is NOT to buy even though the tour guide claimed it to be "Genuine."
It is better to buy them at the Disneyland!
They also have the service of helping you to order the famous "Wife biscuits" cakes in Yuen Loong and would sent them to your hotel on your day of departure to ensure the freshness of the bisuits.

Hong Kong Seafood resturant
I can't remember which resturant this photo is taken but this is quite a typical outlook for most seafood resturants.
Where customers can pick out fresh Live seafood.

Ah... our breakfast! Tim favourite!

Hong Kong - Repulse Bay 淺水灣

The tour guide told us that many HK celebrities live over here as the "Feng Shui" is very good.
The housing prices here is also one of the most expensive in Hong Kong.

In the year 1841, this bay was used as a base by pirates causing serious concern to
foreign merchant ships trading with China. But they were subsequently repulsed by
the British fleet and hence the name Repulse Bay. Because of the shallow water,
the bay was called Tsin-Shui Wan or Shallow Water Bay in Chinese. The
pronunication of Tsin Shui has another meaning a thousand years and it is also
called The Bay of A Thousand Year - A symbol of Longevity.

The Japanese occipational forces first landed at this bay in december 1941 and
its Governor renamed this bay the green seaside beach because of
the green trees along slide the beach with fine golden sand and blue sparkling
waters since the second world war. The urban council has contrbuted a lot to
improve its amenities and made this into a beautiful holiday and tourist resort.

Hong Kong (Fragrant Harbour in Chinese) was a fishing village in 1841 and was
given this name because it produced fragrant wood plants for sale abroad and served
as a fresh water supply station for ships and wessels going overseas.

This plaqae was unveiled by
Mr. Chan Kang - Fout. J.P. on 25-10-1987
Presented by Mrs Yao Lin Sem-Mei

Sea Peace Park / Kwun Yam Shrine
Built in 1970s.
Statues were mostly funded by the locals.
These statues were believed to protect fishermen at the sea and also bring good fortunes.

Kwun Yam statue

Tin Hau Statue

The Longevity Bridge - By crossing the bridge it's said to be able to add 3 more days to your life.

One can throw a coin into the fish mouth to receive good blessings.

God of Wealth 财神

Jumbo Kingdom and Aberdeen Fishing Village
Entrance to the port.
We each have to pay a HK$55.00 for a sampan ride.
Adults and children the same price.
Highly recommended to take the sampan ride as one can see up close with the Jumbo Kingdom and also the fishing village.

Lots of yachts around here.
The tour guide start to point to this one, then that one and so on... It's own by so and so...blah blah blah...
I wasn't really listening, was rather to be busy with my photo taking.

Jumbo Kingdom 珍寶王國
Built in October 1976
The largest floating resturant in the world.
Decorated in anicent chinese imperial palace style.
Didn't have the chance to board Jumbo but would love to if I have the chance to visit Hong Kong again to try their food.

Back view of Jumbo!

Aberdeen Fishing Village 香港仔水上人家
People living in boats as their homes.

Aberdeen is a unique sightseeing experience and interesting place!
This also marks the end of my half day city tour.
Not bad except that I wasn't feeling well that day.
If given a chance, I would love to visit Aberdeen again!