Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Central Mid Levels Escalators

Central Mid Levels Escalators (中環至半山自動扶梯)
It is the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world.
Building Cost : HK$240 million
Official Opening : 15 October 1994
Type : 20 escalators
Size : 800 meters, climbs a total of 135 meters
Travel time : Approx. 20 minutes (one-way)
Operating time : 6.00am to Midnight.
Daily estimated Traffic : 55,000 people

Getting there : Take MTR to CENTRAL station - take exit C or D2.
Once out of the MTR station, you'll see road signs leading you to the escalators.

It links Des Western District in Central to Conduit Road in Mid Levels.

The escalators only runs one way each time.
The escalator runs UPHILL from 6.00am - 10.00am.
Runs DOWNHILL from 10.30am to midnight.

Hong Kong Central Police Station
This is a beautiful building structure which I saw while travelling the central mid level escalators.

Central Police Station consists of 7 blocks :
Stable Block - Built in 1925
Headquarters Block - Built in 1919
Block A, B, C and D - Built in 1910
Barrack Block - Built in 1864
The Central Police Station is a declared monument of Hong Kong.

Central Mid Levels escalators signboard!

Here, you can see different parts of the covered escalators.
Besides the escalators, there are many shops and resturants.

It's also the film location for :
Chung King Express (重慶森林) - Directed by Wong Kar Wai
Batman Dark Knight - Directed by Christopher Nolan

The first time I got to know about this Central Mid Level escalators was watching the "Chung King Express". It is one of my favourite Hong Kong movies.
I like the way Faye Wong portray the character in this movie and you'll see Faye Wong travelling on this escalators.

Central Mid Levels Escalator can lead you to the following streets:
Des Voeux Road Central (德輔道中)
Queen's Road Central (皇后大道中)
Stanley Street (士丹利街)
Wellington Street (威靈頓街)
Gage Street (結志街)
Lyndhurst Terrace (擺花街)
Hollywood Road (荷里活道)
Staunton Street (士丹頓街)
Elgin Street (伊利近街)
Caine Road (堅道)
Mosque Street (摩羅廟街)
Mosque Junction (摩羅廟交加街)
Robinson Road (羅便臣道)
Conduit Road (干德道)

I was there in the afternoon, it was the uphill route, as I've planned.
It's easier to go up by escalators and then climb down the stairs.
But in the end, I've decided not to climb down...heehee!
It was a nice experience to travel on the escalators.
A good way to see Hong Kong.
The shops, the houses, the people... it's a charming place.