Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Greetings Everyone

I've decided today that I'll have another site about my travel trips.
Some photography of animals & underwater diving pictures too.
Just in case you don't know my original first baby, it's http://astrogalaxy.blogspot.com/
It's basically about my toys collectibles, Elvis, Pez and some of my ramblings & little chatter !

This site, I would say will be consider "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" for some time because I've not scan my travel pictures.
First, I got to learn how to use my printer cum scanner. Got to go look for the guidebook.
I'm not sure which country I should start with. Probably the earliest I can remember.
Just a minute, where did I leave the photos ????????
I'll be BACK !


Stanley ooi said...

Wow!!! It was nearly 10 year back u didn't go to Hatyai. U should go there when u free, It's Changed.

astrogalaxy said...

I'm so sorry for this rather late reply...
Thailand has always been one of my favourites countries. I would definetly visit Hatyai again if I have the chance.
Thanks for dropping in!